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  Here are just some of the amazing testimonials of God's grace, love and forgiveness as he is working in the lives of those he brings to us every day.

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I was five months pregnant at that time, the landlord was urging me to pay the rent, and no employer would want to hire an employee who is pregnant with baby.


I have been working away from home for many years. No rooms available for me at home. I was wandering alone with a big belly. My parents were worried about me and then they found "Ray of Hope".


It was only when I came to the Ray of Hope that I discovered there is really an organization created through kind-hearted people with great effort and love in Taiwan.


Because of Ray of hope, I don't have to experience dangerous situation in the outside world. Ray of Hope provides unwed mothers and teenage mothers who can't afford to live or work to have a safe prenatal placement and warm place to call home.


Now there is a sweet responsibility in my life, when looking at her smile, no matter how tired I am. It is all worth it. Seeing my child grow up day by day, keeping her safe at mother's side is the only thing I can give her. Maybe it is the guidance of the Heavenly Father so I can come to the Ray of Hope (I had been receiving messages about the Heavenly Father in my mailbox started from several years ago), if I did not come to the Ray of Hope, my baby may not have come into this world safely.

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Before I went to Ray of Hope, the baby was under weight. However, later when I came to Ray of Hope, the staffs there took good care of me. So, the baby had enough weight when she was born. I did not feel so tired, because staffs helped to take care of my baby after I gave birth.


When I left Ray of Hope, I also learned how to take care of myself and to protect myself. I hope moms can learn more things at Ray of Hope Village, so that they can have a lot of rich experiences.

Growing up in a single-parent family, I have always hoped to have a happy, blissful family of my own.  I like children very much and have always looked forward to having a baby someday. However, when I learned that I was pregnant, I realized that it was more than a simple matter as my partner and I were young and unwed.  Even though we both had jobs, our incomes were unstable. We could not afford to care for a baby. As I watched my belly grow bigger each day, the pressure and burden also grew heavier. I finally confessed my circumstance to my doctor during my first check-up, seeking his help.  And, through them, I learned of Ray of Hope.

I still remember at nine-months pregnant, on the verge of giving birth, I was all alone in the hospital on the day of my delivery.  Then Esther, from Ray of Hope, came to be by my side. As my tears flowed unceasingly in the moments of childbirth pain, she held me in her arms, with her hands holding my hands, she prayed for me.  I was very touched and greatly comforted.

My baby was born safely and weighed over 3000 grams.  When I laid my eyes on him for the first time, I saw how adorable he was!  My heart was filled with great joy and was so touched because a new life had come out of me.  I came to realize how precious and valuable life is. I am so thankful to ROH. Their help led my “little steamed bun” to be adopted by a loving, caring family.  This brought me peace of mind. Though I lived on my own away from my family, I truly appreciated the love, caring concerns, and trustworthiness that I experienced at ROH.


My husband and I were married and I gave birth to a baby girl. I was working to help support our family and my husband’s family.  My husband was not able to find steady work. I became pregnant again. We felt that we could not financially care for another child and we decided to release the second infant for adoption.  When I gave birth to a baby boy, all the family felt that was not a wise decision.  I was able to return to work. Then, I became pregnant with our third child. We knew this would put a lot of stress on my husband’s family, so we kept this pregnancy a secret from them. At nearly 35 weeks into this pregnancy, I delivered early and had another precious little baby girl.  My husband’s family was caring for our other two children so we continued with our plan to release this child for adoption.

It was discovered that this baby possibly had a congenital heart condition and she only had her left kidney. These were both very serious conditions.  The Social Welfare Dept at the hospital helped look for a suitable family for our baby girl. With those physical conditions they were unable to find a family for her. The Ray of Hope Crisis Pregnancy Center is available to help women who have crisis pregnancies.  We were introduced to them.  Our baby was doing remarkably well but the hospital fees were enormous. We were unable to pay the hospital. ROH worked with the situation along with the Home of God’s Love in Lo-Tung.

Our baby girl was released from the hospital and was fostered by an American Christian family. The wife was a nurse which was very helpful.  After a month, our baby girl went to live at the Home of God’s Love where there are several infants in the process of being adopted by active Christian families.  After further medical testing, it was found that the heart situation was of no consequence and one kidney only had to be monitored. On the whole, she was quite healthy. 

My husband went to Lo-Tung for the court date to do the adoption process. He held our little girl and fed her.  I was unable to go at that time.  This has been difficult. I know that our baby girl will be very loved and cared for. We were financially unable to give her the good care that she needed but wanted to give her life.  It warms our heart to know she is well loved. The family who adopted her had been married for l6 years and they were unable to conceive children of their own.  When the adoptive family came to take their little baby girl—our baby girl—they were so overwhelmed with joy and gratitude for this precious gift of a child for them to love.      


My intent was to get an abortion. However, something happened and my belly became bigger day by day. I was worried about what I should do. Later on, through a school teacher, I learned about Ray of Hope. When I went to Esther, the CPC Director, I was a little nervous. After our conversation, I chose adoption. Nevertheless, I didn’t know how to get my parents’ approval. Then, Esther and my school teacher went home with me to visit my parents. Meanwhile, I was so frightened. After telling all the truth to my father, he was extremely mad and said that he wanted to leave me alone and let me deal with the issue by myself. Esther communicated with him and finally I was able to sign the in-take papers and live in ROH’s Mama’s Home.

When I did the prenatal exam, the doctor told me that the fetus was in the wrong position. I was a little worried. After returning back to ROH, many people prayed for me to let my baby turn a somersault. In addition, another mama taught me how to make a gesture to turn the fetus into a normal position. It was difficult for me, so I only did it a few times. I prayed for myself and hoped my baby could make the turn. A week later, I had another exam. I asked the doctor if my fetus was in the right position. "Yes," he said. My friends and I were so happy to hear that.

I went to the hospital for a check up and although my amniotic fluid had not yet broken, my cervix had opened 3 centimeters. Because there weren’t any symptoms of delivering, I took some oxytocics. Then, I started to feel the pain. Fortunately, ROH had taught me Lamaze. It helped me control the pain. Soon after, I gave birth. At the first sight of my girl, I almost cried. During my pregnancy, I never had this kind of feeling. The day after I got out of the hospital, Esther worked on adoption papers with my parents and picked up the baby. In the beginning, my father was very angry. However, when he saw the baby, he asked me what milk this baby drank. I know he is concerned about me. When I went back to ROH, everyone prayed for me and took pictures. I could not stop crying because I knew that soon she would leave me.

Even though my baby has left for adoption, I still feel sad. Nevertheless, I know that she is a gift for me from GOD. Also, she is a child of GOD. GOD will protect her. When I think this way, I feel much better because I know that this is the most special love GOD gave me.


Dear Baby: Mommy felt reluctant to see you going away. It doesn’t mean mommy doesn’t want you. After all, mommy knows that financially, I can not afford you a good quality life. Therefore, mommy desires a good family will adopt you and provide you with quality life and education.


I didn’t know I was pregnant until May or June. Due to my huge long-term working pressure, I usually had constipation. An assistant manager where I worked took me to one of the famous Chinese medical clinics. When I stepped in, I felt uneasy and fidgety because I was scared to know if I was pregnant. The doctor told me that I was not pregnant. Then, I started to feel relaxed. One day I arrived home after work and had a terrible stomach ache. My boyfriend intended on taking me to the hospital. However, I am a person who is afraid of going to the hospital. Finally, my boyfriend said “Let’s do the pregnancy test”. I agreed with him and while doing the test, I was very nervous and did not see till my boyfriend said, “You are pregnant.” I could not believe his words. Then, I saw it myself. I almost fainted. I could not believe it was true. I cried and fell apart! I was crying and kept beating my boyfriend. I could not believe the episode I saw on TV was playing in my life. For a few days after, I did not go to work. I was in a terrible mood, but my boyfriend was happy because he likes children very much. I kept my pregnancy as a secret to my parents until I gave birth because I was scared to let them know. Of course, my parents were very angry and sad at the moment they heard the news.

In the beginning, my parents agreed my boyfriend and I could get married. Later, they regretted their decision. I don’t know why. Then, they brought me back to Tainan from Taipei. No one knew how painful it was for me! It sounded great to nurture my body for one month after giving birth to my baby. However, I felt that I was locked at home. After that, they decided to send my baby away for adoption. My heart was really painful, but I could do nothing.

Later on, my baby was brought to “Ray of Hope.” In fact, I want to give thanks to the Lord for HE brought me here, too. When I arrived, it was hard for me to adapt myself because I was used to my own bed. Therefore, the first few nights, I could not sleep. However, Lydia, the live-in-counselor, was very kind to me. She would come to me and check whether I had fallen asleep. I appreciate her. Since coming to Ray of Hope, I have learned so much. I learned how to cook, do laundry, sweep floors and more. Also, I appreciate many teachers who taught me about parenting relationships and the way a husband and wife should get along with each other. Moreover, I understand what I am going to do in the future.

I desired so much to raise my own baby, but I believe that God will lead and guide me to make the most appropriate decision. Truly, I give thanks to all the people here at Ray of Hope. We have been developing such good relationships since I have been here that I feel reluctant to leave ROH. I would love to volunteer at Ray of Hope because this is as if it is my second home! Thanks and Praise the Lord!


I gave birth to my baby in the bathroom at my friend’s house and cut the umbilical cord by myself in panic and fear. I cleaned him in a washbasin and was worried about if I drowned him. I called one of my friends, who adopted her baby through Ray of Hope. After discussions, we decided to look for help at Ray of Hope. Then, my friend gave me and my baby a ride to Ray of Hope with her scooter. It took us 30 minutes to get there.

As soon as we arrived at Ray of Hope, Juanita, the Executive Director, and the staff prayed for us and then Esther, the CPC Director, took me and my baby to the hospital immediately. Due to the concern that my baby might be infected and his temperature may be low, he had to stay at ICU three days for observation. As for me, after a check up, I left the hospital for home with a wounded body and felt as if everything I had gone through was not real. The reason I had to go home was because I did not want my parents to be aware of my pregnancy.

I am a bisexual. My baby’s father is a 50-year-old married man. He gave me money for an abortion but I gave the money to my girlfriend. She gambled it all away. Therefore, I didn’t have any money for an abortion. Fortunately, I called Ray of Hope for help. Thus, my son’s life might be saved and not abandoned. I appreciate my friend who referred me to Ray of Hope. Also, I want to give thanks to Ray of Hope for they relieved my pain in my crisis.


Before getting to know about Ray of Hope, I was helpless and disappointed. From the way the staff take care of me and show concern about me makes me realize that there is love and hope in this society. While I was giving birth, I was not afraid, because I knew that someone was there for me to encourage and to bless. Thank you to all of the staff and volunteers who sacrificed their sleep to take care of me when I gave birth. Something more to touch my heart is that Director Juanita made her time to visit me at the hospital.

Once I felt like I would abort my boy, I even hardened my heart, beat my belly and climbed up and down purposely during my pregnancy, but now I truly regretted it when I recalled what I had done. After my boy was born in the surgery room, he was laid next to me. A nurse asked me if I wanted to see him, I hardened my heart and said, “No, I don’t want to see him.” Later on, I straightened my thinking and went to see him at the ICU. That was the first and the last time I hugged him and fed him milk. I feel that he is so well protected and loved by everyone. I give thanks to God for He arranged a right path of life for him.

I never read the Bible. After coming to “Ray of Hope”, I got to know how Jesus performed miracles. He healed the people who have physical pain and illness with HIS mighty hands. Also, He made the blind to see. In Jesus’ eyes, there is no hatred; instead, they are full of love. He always touches us with HIS mighty hands, because we are His children. He always guards us by our side. I deeply feel that He is a GOD with wisdom. Also, He lets me know how to protect my secondary virginity. I feel He is an all knowing GOD. He teaches us how to forgive those who harmed us and insulted us with love. He hopes that we can pray and bless with love for those who are against us. There is nothing He cannot do. The Bible says, “With man this is impossible, but with GOD all things are possible.” This verse is my greatest realization from experience.

My life before was very corrupt. I never did house chores and got up without making my bed. I did nothing after eating full. In the beginning when I just came, I didn’t feel like doing anything; but now, I will say that I want to do something. I deeply understand that I have many friends. All people and things at ROH touch my heart deeply. It’s almost time to leave the Mama’s Home. Although I found a room near by, I don’t feel like I'm apart. I will pray God to keep each of you.

Before my family knew about my pregnancy, I was living in fear everyday. I was scared, but I did not know who to tell. Then, my family found out that I was pregnant, they were very angry with me. Through my gynecologist, Dr. Huang, I came to Ray of Hope for help. I was scared in the beginning because I did not know this organization. However, as time went by, I started to get used to everything and I was less afraid because everyone was very nice. During the day, all the mothers would have classes. There was one particular class called “True Love is Worth Waiting For.” This course helped me understand that although I lost my “first virginity,” I can keep my “second virginity.” Therefore, I signed the contract for “True Love Is Worth Waiting For.” I have decided that I want to guard my second virginity until the day I am married. During the evenings, I would go back to the mama’s home. All the mothers would have lessons from the book, “Your Best Life Now,” and a Bible study from ROH staff, Xiu-yuam and Lydia. During the weekends, another ROH staff, Betty, would take us to church and small group meetings.

When I went for my last pregnancy examination, this was also the expected date of my childbirth. During the examination, the doctor found out that I was one and half centimeter dilated. However, I did not feel any pain or contractions at that time. I stayed in the hospital that evening. The next day, I was still only one and half centimeters dilated. The doctor gave me something to quicken the birth. At 10 o’clock in the evening, I started to feel the contraction. I was in so much pain that Betty phoned all the staff and volunteers at ROH to pray for me. Shortly after that, my water broke, and my baby was born with ease. The whole process was only 2 hours. It was at this moment, I could deeply feel the love and the care from God. He shortened my pain and helped me safely give birth to my daughter. I am very thankful to God for answering our prayers. He is truly our Savoir & Lord.

I am very thankful for ROH. Ifit was not for them, I would not have understood the value of lives. I would not have known where my baby and I could be. Because of ROH, my precious child was born and she has an adopted family that loves her dearly. I want to thank Pastor Juanita, and all the staff and volunteers at ROH. Because of you, I have learned and grown. Thank you!


Before I had John, I did not like children very much. During my first pregnancy examination, even though I knew that I was seven months pregnant, I still wanted an abortion. However, when I first held John in my arms, everything changed. He was so real; he was a life from my womb; he was my child. I loved him so much. I wanted to take care of him, nurture him, teach him, and grow old with him.

I feel so sorry toward this child because he was a result of my mistake. If I had him when I was legally old enough to get married, I would have been able to keep him. All I can do now is to give him up for an adoption to a healthy family through the Home of God’s Love. I believe that through the Home of God’s Love, my baby will receive a lot of love, including the love that I cannot give to the child.

I came to Ray of Hope because I was not prepared for this pregnancy. Although my religion was Taoism, getting to know the Christians at ROH was such a unique experience. All the Christians I met here always have smiles on their faces, and they are always very joyful towards people. I was very attracted to them. There was love and respect from them. This was the very first time I enjoyed being with people. Because of them, I came to know God, and I know that there is a father in heaven who loves me dearly. He brought me to ROH. He helped me to give birth to a healthy baby. He saved me from the abortion mistake I was about to make, which could have been the most terrible mistake in my life. God loves me and my baby. The Lord saved my baby and also prepared a loving home for the child.

When I was at ROH, I learned a lot. I realized that “True Love is Worth Waiting For.” The courses ROH provided were very helpful. Although I made a mistake by having sexual intimacy before marriage, I asked for forgiveness and God has washed away all my sins. I can start all over again. I want to thank ROH for being my shelter. This place has helped me grow spiritually. Thank's to all the people who took care of me, taught and stayed with me. I love you very much.  


I am an unwed mother. Since I was a child, I hoped that I would have a wonderful family. However, it didn’t go as I wished. I met my baby’s father somewhere in another country. In the beginning, we loved each other deeply. Thus, he took me home to meet his family. They rejected me and I was not welcome to his family. Unexpectedly, I was pregnant. Fear filled my heart. I didn’t know what I should do. Day after day, it was getting closer to my due day. I felt depressed, as if a stone pressed upon my heart. One day, I found an auntie’s name card accidentally. She is very kind, so I tried to call her and ask her if she can do me a favor. I told her what I was going through. Then, I moved back to Taiwan and went to her home and stayed with her. Afterward, she took me to Ray of Hope (ROH) and told the staff there of my situation and my need. After receiving their counseling for a while, the stone pressed in my heart disappeared. I felt so much more relaxed until my labor day.


Because the doctor wanted me to have a C-Section, I didn’t know what to do. However, the live-in counselor at ROH encouraged me by saying “Fear Not. GOD watches and protects us.” The staff interceded for me, so that I was able to give birth for my baby peacefully. During my hospital stay, ROH staff and volunteers took care of me until I was out of the hospital. Meanwhile, without your accompaniment, I really don’t know how I can face all these things by myself. Thank you so much to let me have a new start. I will cherish the new path I have. Also, I give thanks to my dear GOD, because he watches me, protects me and prepares me a new journey.


I was once treated as a princess by my family until I found out that I was pregnant. My life completely changed after that. My father is a professional soldier. As a soldier, he is very conservative. I did not dare to tell my family that I was pregnant, and I thought about getting an abortion. However, I did not choose to abort because I was scared.

As time went by, I was getting bigger and bigger. I did not know what to do. A friend of mine told me: “Why don’t you go to Ray of Hope (ROH) for help?” Therefore, I was invited to stay at ROH. All the staff and volunteers were very compassionate. They sympathized with my situation, with the pressure I had to endure, and the fear of being alone.

During my stay with ROH, all my daily routines were well taken care of by the staff. They treated me like their own family. Because of their care, I did not have to worry much during my pregnancy. All the mothers and I had education on pregnancy, as well as Bible study and prayer meetings everyday. Because of all the classes and the meetings, I came to know Jesus Christ. I was planning to keep my baby after the birth. However, I did not have the ability to take care of the child on my own. After the baby was born, I had mixed feelings of joy and sadness. My baby was so beautiful. I was so glad about my decision on giving birth to him, but I was so sad that I was not able to keep him.

Every single day, I asked the Lord what I should do about myself and the baby. I decided that I needed to depend on God completely. I prayed everyday. One day, God answered my prayer through Joshua 1:9 “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Through God’s encouragement, I decided that I would be courageous to face my problems.

I told everything to my boyfriend’s parents and my own. They have forgiven my boyfriend and I, and they have accepted my baby. Furthermore, they helped arrange a wedding for my boyfriend and I. I thank God for everything. I have decided that I want to dedicate myself to the Lord. I plan to have my baby go to the church as well. I have faith that the Lord will not only give salvation to me but also to my entire family. I also want to give thanks for all the love, the care and the teaching from the staff and the volunteers at ROH. You have brightened my life. Thank you for being with me during the darkest period of my life. I love you.       


I was born in a healthy family and I went to college. I studied sophomore and junior years in London in 1997 and I became an unwed mother. My parents thought that I was too young and I hadn’t finished my university education, therefore, I had two abortions. Afterward, my life started to have tremendous changes. I often had a quarrel with my boyfriend who made me have the abortions. My heart was filled with hatred. Thus, we separated. After parting, I no longer trusted men and didn’t have a good relationship with any men; not to mention to fall in love and to get married. It affected my relationships with others to remain closed. I never knew abortion could damage my body, soul and spirit so much.

Later, I was lost in meeting people on the internet, and as a result I became pregnant again. This pregnancy really messed up my life. I did not know why this happened. All my worries troubled me so much that I felt like my heart was about to be torn apart. During that dark period of my life, I was very blessed to hear that “Ray of Hope (ROH)” had a crisis pregnancy program.

When I moved into the mama’s home at ROH, I lived with a regular daily routine. This helped me reorganize my thoughts, and it also eased my worries. The counselors took very good care of me, and they always encouraged me and provided me with positive thinking. They gave me warmth. I felt that I was valued and well respected. I am also thankful for the staff. They shared many life lessons with me, and they helped me with many aspects of my life with no pre-judgments.

I took some courses included “True Love is Worth Waiting For,” “Marriage and Family,” “The Life Plan between a Mother and a Child,” “The Road to Faith,” and other supportive classes on sexual abuse. All those courses help me grow a lot and the most importantly, I came to know God.

God’s words comforted and encouraged me. Psalm 147:3 says “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” Psalm 23:3 says “He restores my soul. He guides me in paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.” Romans 12:2 says “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is, His good, pleasing and perfect will.” I am grateful to the Lord that He brought me to ROH. He turned my crisis into an opportunity. He helped me understand love. I have decided to follow him and asked him to lead me continuously.

Unwed pregnancy was a difficult journey and not everyone is able to understand my pain. I am thankful to Pastor Juanita, and all the staff and volunteers from ROH. Thank you for treating me like your own family, and giving me support, care and guidance. Because of you, I have come out from the valley of death. I have found myself and the direction of my path. After giving birth to my baby, I’m so glad that I am able to work at Ray of Hope Thrift Store. Now, I go to church every week with my baby girl since she is four months old. In the future, I hope that I can marry a good man and become an interior designer or working in the field of designing. I put my trust in God who will transform my life and grant me a wonderful future.


I have been married for many years and have two girls and one boy.  My children are cared for by my mother-in-law. Because of financial strain and poor choice of friends, my husband and I fell into the bondage of drug addiction.  When I became pregnant with another child, though I knew it was harmful to the baby, I could not control but use heroine up until the time of birth. My husband and I were poor and had no money to pay for the hospital expense; and each day the hospital bookkeeper would demand payment.  One day, a nurse named Miss Wu showed up in my room and had concern for our circumstance. She told us of an organization that could help us and could even assist in adopting our baby out. She connected us with Ray of Hope.

Miss Li and a foreign director from ROH came to visit us.  They assisted with the adoption and helped us with all the details of the discharge at the hospital.  Before the baby left the hospital, she was experiencing serious withdrawals from the drugs with seizures.  The baby had to be rushed to the infant ICU. I blamed myself and felt that I had let my baby down. I am thankful to Miss Li from ROH who gave us the brochure of “Operation Dawn Drug Rehab Center”.  

My husband and I were very touched that there were people willing to give us a hand when we were in such a miserable and wretched condition.  They lifted our heavy burden and gave us hope to carry on. Words could not describe the gratefulness we felt in our hearts. We deeply yearn to know the God they believe in and what kind of God Jesus is and long to attend church.

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